Web Design by Web4Business

"The users will judge your company by the appearance and the efficiency of your website.."

According to case studies web users will decide in less then 8 seconds whether they will stay or leave your website depending on its appearance and content if it interestes them or not.
Being succesful means that you will "win" the web user within this time frame!

PICTURES, COLORS, LOADING TIME are some of the most important "details" that someone must take in consideration while building a website.

Our Goal in Web4Business for Web Design

We aim for websites that are well designed, functional, user friendly and easily accessible for users that are not familiar with the World Wide Web.

Every website is a challenge for us that will cover and serve your business or personal goals. This is why we approach every case study with a different perception each time. We aim to adapt our design to your need and philosophy.

Criteria for a Good Web Design

The web user must:

  • have easy and quick access to the site related to the information that he/she was looking in the first place
  • find what he/she was looking for
  • navigate easily through the website
  • interact with the website
  • leave the site satisfied so that he will return more easily

Web Development by Web4Business

Web development is equally important for each company that is online as the web design. 

Your website needs to be user friendly and functional both for its' administrator and the web users.

A "good" website "improves the experience of the users!"

3 Steps for web designing and developing

  • We identify the needs and expectations you have from your website, your goals, the functions you want it to have etc. and you communicate your vision and mission with us 
  • We give our consulting services based on our experience and plan the project
  • We build your website using the most modern methods

"We keep our time schedule because we care for our deadlines we have set!"

CMF (Content Management Framework)

A skilled developer will train you for the management of your website and/or eshop so that you can be the administrator of your site and you be sure of its' functionality.

A manual of the CMF will be given to you at the delivery of the project.

After Sales & Technical Support

Our collaboration doesn't end with the end of your project, we continue supporting it since our aim is to provide your company with high quality services.