Social Media

The use of Social Media are an essential part of a modern business and its interaction with customers and partners.

Their name is based on the multitude of different functions and philosophy that they daily offer which ends to attracting a large volume of visitors. Even the most sceptical have now started to be active considering the advantages gained by their competitors.

In Web4business we can organize your social media campaign that will establish a strong presence of your online profile.

Our concept

"The Social Media Marketing begins and ends with an idea that is worth sharing!"

Social media marketing

By Social Media Marketing we refer to all those techniques and the process of internet marketing that exploits in the most efficient way the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, in LinkedIn, the Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, etc.

Advantages of social media marketing

The benefits to a company from the application of an integrated social media marketing campaign yield different benefits for each company according to the traffic the social media bring to each website.

Only a few of them:

  • Enhancement of  the corporate brand due to the company's presence in the media that exhibit strong activity 
  • They allow anyone to share a message, image, video with one click 
  • The interaction of the company with the users enhances the traffic to the site which leads to rand the site higher in the search engines 
  • Keeping faithful and loyal customers by maintaining their interest by promoting services, answering customer questions and being close to public 
  • Encourages users to interact with your company
  • Exploit "word-of-mouth" and disseminate information to a number of people that will rapidly increase. Τhis leads to  form a unique competitive advantage for promoting the characteristics of a new business. 
  • Link building enhances the credibility of each company to the search enginges 
  • Connect businesses located in different locations around the world. The communication becomes much easier and direct
  • Through Social Media Campaigns the website's traffic increases and more web users interact with the social media pages
  • The advertising budget is costs less compared to other promotion campaigns 

Social media marketing by Web4Business

In Web4Business we can organize and manage a complete Social Media Marketing Campaign tailored to individual needs with respect to the objectives of your business. The purpose of such a campaign is to be in constant interaction with the public, the customers and the partners and in the same time establish a friendly and extroverted image to the general public.

Social Media Services by Web4business

We create corporate social media profiles for your company.

We provide guidelines on how the company can reach its objectives depending on the material to be published and the use of the Social Media.
We manage pages in Social Media in collaboration with you regarding the text and publications that you want to be created.

Social Media Campaign - Advertising on Facebook

From all the social media, facebook is the one which is the most appealing to the public and at the same time the one which can shape the image of your company.

In Web4business we create the appropriate ads, define the common target of these ads and the budget you want to invest in them.

We monitor the campaign we created for you and inform you of the statistical results of each advertisement.
We evaluate the results of the campaign, we make changes in the text of the ads and change the target audience according to the course of each campaign.

Benefits of paid advertising on facebook

  • It has a direct effect on public 
  • It is an economical solution for the response offered. 
  • It is targeted to the right people. 
  • It has the advantages of Social Media Marketing

Contact us for a personalized offer of social media marketing for your business!

Google Adwords

Advertising on Google

The online marketing is the future of advertising of products and services.
Advertising on the internet is a necessary move for any company interested in having upward trend nowadays.

Specifically, Google is the most used search engine and provides paid advertisements that appear above, below and on the right of the organic search results to all users after nearly every search.

Advertising on google allows targeted advertising, immediate results and increases traffic to your website.

Why Google Adwords in Web4business?

  • We set up a Google Adwords campaign, manage it, monitor it and configure it as long as you care to have paid advertisements. 
  • Advertising on Google takes time, expertise and creativity.
  • We give you access to the campaign that we set up for you. 
  • Even when we stop monitoring your campaign, the campaign is still set up for your future operations and you can use it whenever you want.

Advantages of Google Adwords

Advertising on Google Adwords offers comparative advantages compared to conventional advertising campaigns.

  • Show ads on the search engines when the users put keywords that interest them 
  • It is flexible because it offers the possibility to allocate one's money in any way they wish, whether it relates to the daily cost of advertising or to the cost for each click on the ads (pay-per-click or ppc) 
  • Google can charge only the ads that the users actually click on
  • It targets bigger audience compared to other advertising campaigns because the ads can be shown in other sites that Google consideres to have friendly users for your advertisement that are probable to visit your website
  • Google adwods have almost immediate results since the approval is quick and the campaign is targeted for your audience
  • Setting a maximum cost for each day ensures that the budget will not exceed the amount that we set for the advertisments
  • The Google campaign can stop or freeze any time you wish to

We advise you on the content of the page that the ads will land on and we estimate together the campaign budget.

Contact us to set up an appointment which will answer whatever questions you have about google adwords.