Need of Smartophones

In recent years there has been exponential growth in the use of smartphones and tablet devices worldwide.

As a result users want full access to the Internet and its corresponding services wherever they are while they visit the internet through their mobile devices (smartphones - tablets).

Sometimes visiting a web page is hampered by the fact that the page is not "customized" to be easily accessible from a smartphone or a tablet.

It is therefore important from a business point of view to create a mobile version of websites and develop applications tailored to the needs of its customers. 

Mobile solutions

Mobile solutions is a need each one of us has. Modern life demands', leads us to own smartphones. 
The use of smarphones is so common that most users visit web pages, purchase products or are informed via their mobile phones.

"We do Web 4 Business and work with developers that follow the technology trends and stay updated so that we can meet the needs of our customers. User friendly mobile solutions is a necessity nowadays."

We create modern and customized solutions for each client. 

Responsive Web Design

"The main purpose of a responsive website is to make it easy to for users to access it regardless the device they use and the internet speed."

We develop each page of a website (home page or child page) in adjustable form to all screen sizes, tablets and smartphones.

The responsive design is made for at least five to six different screens that may be used by users.

  • Desktop 
  • Laptop
  • Tablets (Horizontal and Vertical Design)
  • Smartphone (Horizontal and Vertical Design)

Mobile Applications 4 Business

The mobile apps that we can create in Web4business cover all business needs.

Companies can use applications to promote their services and maintain "loyalty", to respond directly to customer inquiries and give explanations for their products and services at any time. Mobile applications are used for more interaction with customers.

We build applications for mobile devices developed for each software (IOS, Android, Windows, Symbian, Blackberry, etc.).

We design in such a way that it allows easy access to all the data needed (send or receive).

Contact us to discuss and come together in the ideal mobile solution.