E-shop is every shop that someone can find online and trades goods and services at a distance. It doesn't require any pysical presence of the seller and the buyer.

Each company according to its goals may deal with online sales.

In Web4business we provide solutions:

Business to business - B2B: Business takes place between companies
Business to customers - B2C: Business takes place between the company and customers

Recently the online shopping has increased due to the possibilities it offers to prospective customers.

One of the most important features is that customers can buy products from anywhere in the world and at any time they want quickly and efficiently.

"In Web4business we design and develop your online store so that it can be functional for both the end user and your company."

The design and functionality of an e-shop

We create your e-shop by taking into account your corporate identity and we design and develop your online shop thinking of your needs and goals.

The design of the e-shop includes all the visual aspect of the e-shop, the presentation of the images, the menus, the appearance of the products, the colour etc. We are consistent with the philosophy of the company or its stakeholders.

"The professional web design and planning enhance the feeling of confidence and security of the prospective clients to proceed to a financial transaction with your company."

The good visual presentation of the products and services empowers the ability to show all the characteristics of the products that you consider necessary for the clients to see.

"Our main goal for every e-shop is to turn the buying process to an easy and quick process that inspires confidence to the prospective buyers."

The e-shop developing by Web4business

We use the most modern programming languages and the most modern techniques when we develop e-shops. 

Our aim is to create the proper structure of your online store so that even the users who are not familiar with the internet are encouraged to make purchases of your products.

"We care for content management system administrators. Even if you don't have any experience with managing an online shop we wll help and guide you to use and manage it in the most effective way."

We organize every e-shop to have specific functions such as monitoring the stock's ability, the possibility of using many ways of payment, etc..

Ongoing technical support for e-shops

Needs change.
Technology is evolving.
We undertake the projecto to upgrade your e-shop with new features and solve any problems that may occur.
We are always ready and willing to improve your e-shop so that it meets the objectives of your business.

Contact us to inform you about our work and our ideas for e-commerce.