Web & Desktop Applications

Web & Desktop Applications for All. Either your are an SME, an Institute or a big organization we can develop the application that will fulfil your needs and requirements.

The increased needs of professionalism and organization require proper computerization.

In Web4business we support your company by developing desktop or web software solutions. We create user friendly Customer Management Applications CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Project Management and specialized applications that you may need.

Using modern visual programming tools we have the ability of configuration of specific programs or developm new (tailor-made) applications fully aligned with the specific needs and requirements of each user.

The development of each application is always under the supervision of the end user and the final product is supported both in terms of education/learning/managing and of warranty and after sales support.

Our client porfolio has organizations that require sensitive, safe and accurate management information such as the University General State Hospital AHEPA (data management application of the Intensive Care Unit), doctors of various specialties and business applications that need reliable customer management applications and systems.

Contact us to help you find solutions that will meet your needs and organize a system for managing your activities.