Email campaign and email marketing

The email marketing gets more and more popular because it turns to be a very profitable and effective strategy when it comes to  advertising and promoting a company's products!

The term "email marketing" refers to sending a commercial message to a group of people via email to communicate information regarding products/services, advertisments, collaborations, news or to lead to purchases.

Advantages of e-mail marketing

  • Reduces time and effort from sending individual newsletters and information material
  • Sends and delivers messages in real time for all recipients. 
  • Personalizes messages through categorization/segmentation contacts 
  • Dissemination of information directly and easily to thousands of contacts 
  • Creation of a customer database 

"Through email marketing a company builds trust, loyalty and brand awareness. Develops strong relationships with clients and retains existing ones."

Why Email Marketing?

  • Constant maintanance of customers' interest
  • Increase brand recognition of the company 
  • Constant communication with customers 
  • Announcement of new products and services
  • Interaction with users/clients
  • Increase the use of the website and Social Media 

"We can design the template of your NEWSLETTER according to your needs" 

Why email marketing in Web4business?

In Web4Business we always operate with responsibility and consistency and we analyze all the parameters needed for each email campaign that we build for our customers. We listen to the needs you want to answer with email marketing. 

We discuss with you on how to achieve this objective according to:

  • the recipients that will receive the email 
  • the content and message you want to communicate with the newsletter 
  • the purpose of sending newsletters

Email-marketing steps for our clients

  • We design your newsletter
  • You select the number of email shipments you want to send per month for a 6month or 12month package Or You select the A la Cart newsletter strategy and send newsletters whenever you need within a year
  • We create an account to our mail marketer application
  • We use and manage the application for you
  • We enter your contact groups
  • We enter your message 
  • We send the newsletter 
  • We monitor how many people opened the newlsetter and what links you pressed. The application has a very good statistic controler. We send you the reports.

"We make sure that we organize on behalf of our clients campaigns e-mail marketing, which are consistent with the relevant legislation."

The Newsletter Design

The design of each newsletter is made for each client individually. It depends on the field of activity of each company, the recipients, its purpose it and the message that will be delivered.

Mail Marketer Characteristics

  • It is assured that the overwhelming percentage of sent messages will reach the inbox and not the spam folder of your recipients email account 
  • Manages small to large contact lists exceeding 100,000 contacts.
  • Creates and manages contact groups depending on campaign objectives

Management of the application MAIL MARKETER

  • Bulk import and export of contacts in form .csv (excel)
  • Management of contacts
  • Selection of language management tool

Statistical Monitoring

  • See how many users opened the newsletter in any email platform
  • Click tracking ability, count the number of clicks on each link in the message, per message, per link or user.

Newsletter Content

The content of each message can be texts, images and links. Since the template is designed for each client, the content is given to us from the clients and we adjust it to the templates. There is the possibility to attach files (pdf, doc. Jpg).

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